EirthPay’s features

EirthPay is rich with features, designed with ease-of-use by vendors and resellers in mind. Near-universal acceptance, fast and easy setup, simple account management and best-in-class reporting is only the beginning.

Near-universal acceptance

Single-source payment acceptance

EirthPay is your single platform to accept payments from practically every bank, merchant and reseller in the United States. EirthPay provides a single point of entry and access.

Auto-underwriting review and approval

EirthPay’s AI-driven automated underwriting technology reviews approves “clean” cases and routes problematic cases to our experts. You save time and minimize risk.

Accept payments in your retail store or on the road

Brick and mortar retailers and mobile merchants can choose from our wired and wireless POS terminals,  tablet/smartphone payments tools (Android and iOS) and swipers.

E-commerce vendors love EirthPay

EirthPay’s simple payments platform integrates easily with most major online shopping carts. Use the e-commerce platform that suits you and enjoy EirthPay convenience.

Fast and easy setup 

New account setup and onboarding wizard

EirthPay places strong emphasis on helping you to get to payment acceptance quickly. Using our setup wizard, you’ll be up and running in a snap.

POS systems setup and technical support

Online payments are not the only payments! EirthPay enables near-universal acceptance of payments from POS terminals as well, fully supported by our experts.

Actionable market intelligence

You need to invest your time and resources where they best support your business objectives. EirthPay reporting gives you actionable insights into your buyers’ payments.

EirthPay grows with your business

EirthPay’s “one-size-fits-you” service plans are supremely flexible, empowering you to grow and scale your payments acceptance as your business grows and changes.

Best-in-class reporting

Great merchant accounting and reporting

Whether your business is a single or multi-merchant enterprise, EirthPay provides your accounting team with easy transaction and fees imports and reporting.

Easy reporting for resellers

Many of our most successful customers provide payments acceptance for their clients. EirthPay ensures easy and clear fees and costs reporting for resellers.

Fraud and risk monitoring and management

EirthPay customers spend less time monitoring fraud by leveraging our best-in-class, AI-driven tools. When management must get involved, common tasks are easy.

Compliance with all relevant regulations

Accepting payments via EirthPay places you firmly in compliance with all relevant US bank and card issuer regulations, and all relevant US local, state and federal laws.

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