Smarter payment acceptance and merchant services for global to local businesses.

Smart businesses want an e-commerce payments onramp that removes the complexity of multi-card issuer, multi-payment type, multi-procedure management. EirthPay delivers startlingly streamlined merchant solutions that means more time to sell more.

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Single-source payment acceptance

EirthPay is your single platform to accept payments from practically every bank, merchant and reseller in the United States. EirthPay provides a single point of entry and access regardless of card issuers, payment types or procedures. EirthPay is the only payments platform you’ll ever need.

Easy reporting and chargeback admin

EirthPay merchants enjoy remarkably simple activity reporting, accounting, underwriting reviews and approvals (including auto-underwriting), fraud and risk management and chargeback dispute and resolution. EirthPay empowers you to leverage your reporting for better business.

Get paid quickly and easily

EirthPay provides automated processes to speed payments to your merchant account. With EirthPay’s automated dynamic account verification, auto-underwriting settings, and dynamic transaction reporting, you can leave the payments acceptance back office to us, and get paid more quickly.

Keep more from your sales

Around 90% of your payment acceptance fees go directly to card-issuing banks as “interchange fees”. But when you choose EirthPay as your Interchange Management Specialty Processor, we help reduce these costs by aggressively and proactively managing interchange and pricing tables, so you keep more money from every sale.   


Resellers most welcome!

EirthPay welcomes resellers to establish master accounts, so you can help reduce the complexity of your clients’ payment acceptance needs even further. EirthPay resellers are empowered to give their clients’ the simplest on-ramp to e-commerce payments acceptance imaginable.


About EirthPay: Smarter Payment Acceptance

EirthPay —Smarter Payment Acceptance— was founded by a group of leading industry professionals in 2010 to provide smarter solutions for all merchant payment acceptance needs.

Technology is the key to unlocking sales opportunities, and innovative tech solutions are our central focus. With that focus, EirthPay has built a world-class, single-source processing platform.

EirthPay has simplified credit and debit card processing for merchants and resellers. We offer a single point of entry and access regardless of card issuers, payment types or procedures.

EirthPay was designed to be the only payment platform you will ever need, and it works for startups, large enterprises, and every business in between.

EirthPay pre-paid, loyalty and gift cards power your revenue

Energize and expand awareness of your brand and power your revenue with EirthPay’s smarter pre-paid cards, gift cards and loyalty cards.


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