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Unlike many competitors, EirthPay is not one-size-fits-all. We work with you to efficiently plan smarter payment acceptance that perfectly fits your current business needs. Please contact us for your confidential, no-obligation plan and quotation.

Interchange Plus

Interchange Plus is one of EirthPay’s three main pricing factors. With Interchange Plus, EirthPay bases merchant costs on what the major card issuers charge us, plus a competitive percentage and a low, predictable transaction fee. Note that card issuers generally charge higher rates for cards that earn rewards for cardholders.

Tiered Rates

Our Tiered Rates are calculated based on three tiers of payments clearance: Qualified Rate (“Qual”) when the card chip or stripe is physically read and settles same day is the lowest, Mid-Qual Rate is slightly higher and is charged when the card number is keyed in and settles the same day, and Non-Qual Rate applies for keyed-in cards not settled same day.

Flat Rate

Flat Rate is based on a fixed monthly service fee plus a fixed per-transaction percentage, providing you with supremely predictable payments acceptance costs. Note that some merchants now charge their customers additional fees for card-based transactions (offering “cash discounts”) so Flat Rate can help make you even more competitive.

One-size-fits-you pricing

Our highly-experienced EirthPay experts will work with your unique business needs and potential to mix-and-match our competitive pricing factors. Whether EirthPay Interchange Plus, EirthPay Tiered Rates or EirthPay Flat Rate (or a combination of these and other factors), you will enjoy a smarter payments acceptance plan that matches your current needs at the lowest-possible cost.


Resellers most welcome!

EirthPay welcomes resellers to establish master accounts, so you can help reduce the complexity of your clients’ payment acceptance needs even further. EirthPay resellers are empowered to give their clients’ the simplest on-ramp to e-commerce payments acceptance imaginable.


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